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RP:Any gender or race. Victorian World is bleak and staggered with madness in the asylums and supernatural beings to run amok in the world. Courtesans please customers, whores walk the streets, horrors around every corner! Come one, come all!!!
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 Takanori Nishikawa application

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god save the queen

Full Character Name: Takanori Nishikawa

Band/Industry: T.M.Revolution, Abingdon Boys School

Position: Civilian

Breed: Human

Character Nicknames: Ichigo-chan, Aniki (Big Brother), Turbo

Age: 33

Date of Birth: September 19th

Birthplace: Chartham, Kent

Astrology Sign: Virgo

Gender: Male

Height: 161cm (5'3")

Weight: 46kg

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Love Interest(s): None


Likes: Food, desserts, clothes, loyalty, apricot jam

Dislikes: Supernatural beings ("tolerates" them), cheating, people who don't listen to him, lack of personal privacy, rude people (both human and supernaturals alike)

Character Abilities: His colleagues and admirers have called him the Sun God, and previously a Japanese man who he accompanied during his visit in London called him Hare Otoko, which means Clear-Weather Man, since whenever there is a day where he has to go out and do business elsewhere, for some reason the weather shines upon him and thus, is always fine and sunny, even if it has been warned that bad weather will come.

Character Description:
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Aside from the usual ear piercings, he is very light-weighted, but makes up for it with a well-built body. He requires reading glasses whenever he picks up a book to read or certain things require better focus for his eyes.

Character Personality: He has a big brother like attitude, so he has this responsible and caring personality. He does voice out what he thinks. If he doesn't like it, he says so. He is stubborn/headstrong. He's a person who takes advantage of disadvantages, so if there were anything he can't do about, he will find ways to work around it. Although he looks like he doesn't like supernatural beings, he is open-minded, so he does learn from his mistakes and change his attitude bit by bit. He helps to defend his colleagues and friends when they are having problems or in trouble, caring their wellbeing. Towards himself and others, he "tolerates" the supernatural beings as long as they don't disturb him in his private life and work. Usually he lets the supernatural do what they want, but if they push him too far, he actually stands up against them, which tend to put those who don't know him well surprised and unsure of what to do. Whether if that is courage or stupidity, Takanori is not what those expect from a former country boy.

Character Background: Born and raised up in a small, quaint village, far away from the effects of industrialization of Victorian England, Takanori is raised up by farmers. His family hopes for him to stay and work in a paper mill, but instead, as soon as he reaches the age of 16, left the quiet village for bustling London to work in the department store of Harrods. His village never had any presence of supernatural beings, but even so, word spreads and the villagers fear and hatred of such beings are high. Although Takanori came from such a background, he nevertheless treats his supernatural customers, colleagues and higher ups with politeness and respect. In his opinion, it was his parents who have a stronger phobia and discrimination towards the supernatural beings. But some old habits are hard to shrug off, and he still treats any supernatural beings with caution and wariness. His hard work and personality has helped in raising his position within Harrods, rising up to that of a manager.



Takanori minds his own business, both figuratively and literally. Helping to manage the fashion department of Harrods, he rarely stays in the comforts of an office provided to him. Instead, he's in the department store, helping along his staff and coworkers, ensuring that the customers are pleased that what they want or need is provided, and they go out with a satisfied smile on their faces, even if they leave with their wallets and purses lighter than before. If not, he always provides the information of several other locations of certain branches of brand shops around London. Sometimes, the customers thank him for his help, other times they grumbled as they leave. It doesn't matter to Takanori, as long as they don't further disturb him and the staff or destroy their wares.

Today though, he has to deal with an upset supernatural, one whose father is that of a lord. A bratty and selfish one at that. It's not new to Takanori to deal with this. He takes a good look at the supernatural kid who is openly giving a bad attempt at flirting one of his female staff, notes that he is that of an animal demon and obviously younger than him, and steps in before the demon can even start spouting that he will claim the poor girl.

"Sir, it is under my best advice that you leave the store," he states firmly. The demon looks at him for a moment before he sneers.

"And what is a human like you going to do?"

Takanori claps his hands twice. Taking the cue, the two security guards took their stance and put the demon down.

"What the hell?! Let me go!" the demon yells, struggling and confused as to why he could't shake the guards off, unaware that the guards are shapeshifters, far older than the brat is and far stronger than they look.

Takanori kneels down on one knee and gives the brat a contempt look.

"Sir, even as a customer in Harrods, you are equal as anyone else who works or shops here. If you disturb our staff and customers any more, we're sorry to say that we have to make you leave."

With a wave of his hand, the guards pulled the demon brat up and carried him out of the department store. Most of the customers soon ignore the scene, they too knowing that that said demon was far too rude for his own good. The female staff thanks Takanori as he lets her have an early day off to go home to her husband. To those who knew of Takanori, he is a nice man who can be feared if you pushed too much. To Takanori himself, this is just another day in Harrods, and another customer who needs a good reminder of decency in public.

ETC: He can appear in posts where either he is paired up with someone or just there as a support character.

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Takanori Nishikawa application 55tg

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Takanori Nishikawa application
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